The Gulf region underwent through an exciting era of economic and political transformation over the past 4-5 years and indeed it was put through the ultimate test of perseverance. The global change in doing business resulted in the need to remain relevant, innovate and ready to face uncertainties. Organizational transformation and strong corporate leadership are indeed essential elements for growth and success of a business. Redefining business growth is currently the key indicator of any economic success story. This time around, the summit is setting the pace not only to explore on the robust GCC economic growth, but moving ahead and going global aggresively as one large entity.

Through the high impact summit and the gathering of thoughts and minds, delegates are be able to interact freely and discuss issues of common interest and gain from the experts, while tapping on the rich network channels available.



ALDA and The Leaders Online recognise the need to create a culture of interaction between the members of business community. As this event is exclusively for business leaders, they have the unique opportunity to use powerful leadership abilities, knowledge and energy to strengthen economic status and provide resources and prospects for others to assist in building and developing businesses globally.

The 9th Middle East Business Leaders Awards 2019 provides precisely the right platform for these corporate leaders to inter-mingle and share their experiences therefore providing valuable insight on particular aspects of the business world. This event also aims to recognise the achievements of the GCC, Europe, Africa and some Asia’s leading business visionaries across all industry sectors and to honour their great contributions and achievements towards the economic development. These initiatives will serve as a catalyst for the growth of new leaders and entrepreneurs to spur the industrial growth and to drive the global economy.

The objectives of these events are:

As a mark of recognition toward the achievements acquired by the business leaders.
As a development of new leaders.
As a catalyst of growth for the region’s economic activities.
To encourage the region's workforce to become their respective nation’s economic drivers while ensuring business sustainability.
To facilitate cooperation and working together in providing solutions to business development issues.
To highlight innovative processes and encourage transformational leadership skills to be applied in businesses.



The Middle East Business Leaders Awards 2019 offers business relationships and networking opportunities among the leaders and the guests. Just as valuable are the personal relationships that naturally developed, this occasion is where business opportunities and adversary can be nurtured by a common interest. The award ceremony will also serve as a platform to further brand and enhance GCC's status as a leading economic power.




Adapting best practices from the outstanding business practitioners
Redefining business growth techniques and innovative ways in trade
Identify and Creating New Clusters of Global Economic activities
Acknowledging and Highlighting the Best Business Leaders




The Middle East Business Leaders Awards are for the C level professionals i.e. CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CTOs, CSOs, member and the chairman of boards and other key organizational leaders like departmental and organizational Presidents and Vice Presidents, Managing Director, Executive Directors and Directors with distinguished activity, exceptional leadership qualities and prominent achievements during the year 2016 / 2017.

There are total of 25 awards and each of these awards is reserved for each business sector. The nominations for the award will be requested from the organizations / individuals. However, the judgment will be made on the assessment by a panel of judges.




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